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23 Apr 2014

I have found that a lot of questions come your way when you’re preparing to row an ocean. Some are quite standard such as “what do you eat?” or “how long will it take?” whilst others are a little less thought through, “will you follow the coast from Monterey to Hawaii” was a particular favourite. “What happens if you miss Hawaii” was one that I laughed off at the time before later heavily considering myself.

The most important questions for me are undoubtedly those that begin with “why.” Why are we isolating ourselves for 40 days in a 24-foot rowing boat? Why are we rowing in excess of 2400 miles to the point of exhaustion? And, finally one that I’m sure all the NOMEN will ask themselves at their lowest point: “Why should I continue?”

A physical challenge. Yes. A personal achievement. Certainly. But also for the awareness we can raise for NOMAN is an Island and the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation. Before meeting Tristan, the co-founder of the organisation, several months back, myself and the crew had been totally unaware of the statistics surrounding the HPV virus and furthermore the stories of those who have had to endure an HPV-related cancer. It is these people and the thought of their battles with illness that has got us this far and will act like the fifth member of our crew across the Pacific.

By supporting our journey this summer, you can help NOMAN is an Island to end the staggering 5% of cancers that are caused by HPV every year. I urge you to find out more about this brilliant cause and how you can help by following this link to our Facts About HPV page.

45 days to go!

NOMAN 2014



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