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Welcome to Bewl

15 Mar 2014

After a short trip across the country, NOMAN rowing boat Isabel now resides at Bewl Water where we will be training until she is shipped out to San Francisco at the beginning of April.

Keen to squeeze in as much training as possible while she remains this side of the Atlantic we have spent the last two days ploughing up and down the reservoir which supplies much of the water to the south-east United Kingdom.

Our first challenge was to get Isabel from the boat park, down the hill and into the water without the use of a tow-bar. With Isabel weighing in at around 450kg this was no easy task, but with a bit of teamwork we managed this without too much problem – getting her back up the hill was going to be the real challenge.

Onto the water by 10am, we spent the next 7 hours zig-zagging our way around the reservoir. From my previous rowing experience I had somehow picked up a large imbalance between my left and right rowing arms. The boys were hardly grateful for the extra work I was providing them with.

Armed with stiff backs and sore hands, our final challenge of the day was to get Isabel out of the water, back up the hill and safely tied up for the night. The task was made harder by the skewed front wheel of the trailer which meant that it would veer off to the left every 10 or 15 metres. Once the hill and been conquered and Isabel secured we were ready to head home, exhausted, but knowing that far bigger challenges await over the next few months.

Check out the gallery for more training shots, plus a video of us trying to get Isabel up the hill at Bewl.


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