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Touchdown in California

23 May 2014

After an early start on Wednesday morning, an eleven hour flight and a short drive down the Pacific coast we have arrived safe and sound in Monterey, California. Watching the in-flight information screen of the small aeroplane crawling slowly across the Atlantic Ocean towards our destination really forced home the challenge that awaits us in 2 weeks time. Even travelling at 500mph the icon seemed like it hardly moved at times. We will be rowing at 3mph – on a good day.

A few of the crews have already arrived and the atmosphere is already starting to build up ahead of the start on the 7th June. Before we test out the local waters and get our first taste of the Pacific Ocean we will be put through a vigorous process of “scrutineering” where the race organisers go through our preparation with a fine tooth comb in order to assess our readiness to compete.

We will undergo medical examinations, be tested on all of our equipment and be ticked off against a 14-page equipment list. With a bit of luck we will also have time to sit down and enjoy a beer with the other crews and talk about how preparations have gone and what lies ahead.

The NOMAN crew are ready and eager to get underway however the next two weeks are a crucial part of the expedition. Thank you so much to everybody who has supported NOMAN so far, it means so much to us. Every donation and every signature brings us that bit closer to our ultimate goal of eliminating HPV.

Back soon for an update.




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