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Those Left Behind

2 Jun 2014

After a year’s whirlwind of excitement, for those left behind there is a lot to think about and not much to do!

Having been part of this epic adventure from the beginning, namely because I am Chris’s better half (don’t tell him that!) but also because all the boys are close friends (let’s hope they agree!) I have always been in the loop. There at the great events, spreading the ‘chat’ among whoever will listen and getting just as excited (sometimes more so) by the whole thing as those actually doing to race!

Now that they have left me, in a far quieter house with only Chris and I’s kitten to keep me company; I have had time to contemplate just how mental this whole challenge is!

It’s alright for them living it every minute and loving every second ! We are left behind with the lack of contact and what if’s! I have made a conscious decision to ignore all of the above. For now!

I have felt truly honoured to be part of the boys adventure so far. Made all the more amazing that the cause they are pushing their bodies to the limit for is something they and I truly believe in.

HPV is the worry I am choosing to concentrate on, never failing to spread the word and able to talk anyone’s ear off who is willing to listen, I will continue to passionately back this call for action. NOMANS aim of making HPV obsolete is so easily achieved. A vaccination; how can it be that simple!

I wish you boys all the luck in the world on the water and am bitterly jealous that I cannot be there, but cannot wait to celebrate your achievement when you (safely) return.

This is your time to shine!!!!




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