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NOMAN and the Sea: 17/06

17 Jun 2014

Hello all!!!

So it is day…we don’t actually know what day it really is!

It has been a tough start so far, as you may have noticed our progress after the first day was not so great, that is because of a weather system that has hit us mentally and physically. Facing waves the size of apartment blocks was something that we had hoped to build up to, yet here we are! We spent 3 nights on the para-anchor because we thought that that was the safest option. At this moment in time, the weather seems to be improving and we should be going back to rowing around the clock and on our way to Hawaii. Hopefully we will find the trade winds around LA.

Life is not the easiest on board but is slowly improving as space increases and we get used to certain procedures, using the bucket is not something that I wish i ever have to use again after this trip! Given some more time I am sure that we will be on top of most things to do with boat life! The food isnt the greatest but we just have to push it down to get the energy.

On the positive side, Chris and myself we joined by a pod of dolphins and treated to some acrobatics by a distant whale, which brightened our evening!

As always we all miss you dearly and we are all pushing ourselves as hard as we can to get back to you all quickly!


Mark Gleeson

NOMAN crew



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