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The Great Pacific Race: The Fuel

2 Apr 2014

Deciding what and how much food you are going to take with you for a Pacific crossing is amongst the most important preparation we are currently doing. Leaving aside the small problem of explaining to US customs why you are taking 200kg of freeze dried lasagne into their country, it is imperative that every calorie is thought through and accounted for.

What kind of food will we be eating?

Up to half of our food for the crossing will consist of freeze dried meals, which are then prepared with boiling water from our small cooker. Thankfully these calorie-rich pouches now come in a variety of familiar forms including Chicken Tikka, Chilli Con Carne and even my favourite, Macaroni Cheese. The rest of our food supply will consist of chocolate bars, protein shakes, dried fruit and nuts (due to Chris’ unfortunate nut allergy we will be restricted to the peanut variety.)

How much will we need? 

Our daily intake per person should top 8000 calories and with limited storage space available onboard, careful thought also has to go into the how the food is packed. The food will be sorted into individual daily rations with separate snack bags that will contain each crewmembers daily supply of chocolate, nuts and dried fruit. A tour cyclist will typically consume 6000 calories a day. Michael Phelps reportedly consumed around 8000 calories a day when training for the Olympics. Even with these massive quantities of food, we are expected to loose up to 20kg (over 3 stone) during the crossing.

When will we eat?

Our current plan is to operate a 2-hour shift pattern for the 30-40 days we expect to spend at sea. This means that two people will row for 2  hours while the other two rest and eat, before changing over. We will eat before and after each shift in order to maintain energy levels. The two resting crewmembers will prepare a hot meal for the two coming off their shift to eat straight away. This will allow those finishing a tough shift to come into the cabin eat straight away and get their head down for some rest.

What food would you want with you for a month on a small boat? We could do with some ideas!


NOMAN 2014 Crew Member



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