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One-way flight…

7 May 2014

Soooo…flights are now booked, there really is no turning back. Unless of course, I would be happy to be out of pocket. This really felt like a huge step forward to the start line…well it would do if the other 3 had actually booked flights as well!! Looks likes I may well be rowing solo.


Things really feel like they are coming together now, we are slowly getting our kit sorted, and getting product sponsorship, which always makes the morning post a lot more exciting, especially when it is 6 pairs of brand new Bloc sunglasses.


The last few weeks have been a real balancing act of emails, training, eating and working. But now I just cannot wait to get to MontereyBay, see Isabel and get out on the open water, and really start making a huge difference for this amazing charity. It often sounds very cliché, but it is this that keeps me going and I know it will be this, that will be spur me on when the going gets tough out on the Pacific. To contribute to eliminating 5% of all cancers is something I will be proud of for the rest of my life.


As I write this, Nick, Jack and Mark are either preparing for or undergoing the first pair of our world record attempts, to row 1 million metres indoors as a pair and solo. Unfortunately (and I say this whilst in bed with my girlfriend and cat), work commitments have kept me from this truly momentous feat. But I want to wish them the best of luck, and I hope they gain some great experience that will serve us well when out on the Pacific.


30 days to go….





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