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NOMEN Continue South Coast Training

16 Feb 2014

With the clock ticking down to June 7th and the start of Great Pacific Race, the four NOMEN have been busy with their preparations down in Southampton. Alongside our physical preparation we need to make sure that we are ready for all situations and are therefore completing a series of courses down on the south coast.

With our Sea Survival training completed in January (see photo gallery) this week we spent two days training for First Aid and VHF Radio. Our instructor, Keith, had us practising CPR and the recovery position among other first aid techniques and generally preparing us for any mishaps out in the Pacific. The course was tailored to include ocean specific first aid which was a huge benefit for us. With 26 years in the ambulance service, Keith, also gave us some handy tips on dealing with blisters – very useful indeed!

On Tuesday we moved onto our VHF short range radio training. This will be our primary method of communication with vessels that we encounter out in the Pacific and therefore it is crucial that we are comfortable and confident with the radio in hand. We had our fair share of mishaps early on which included myself not realising that you had to hold down the push-to-talk button before attempting to communicate. We also tried putting our own spin on the phonetic alphabet. Variations such as ‘X’ for Xylophone are probably best avoided when out at sea! By the end of the day we had progressed enough to pass our written and practical exams and gain our VHF radio operators licence.

Check out the gallery to see how we got on with our training and keep an eye out for another update very soon!


NOMAN 2014 Crew Member



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