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NOMAN and The Sea: 23/06

23 Jun 2014

Thanks for the WC update. We think 10 countries with four letters are Iran, Iraq, Oman, Cuba, Mali, Togo, Chad, Laos, Peru and Fiji. Although Mark also thinks there is a pacific island nation called Naru?! (Ed: sadly not 4 letters but correct, Nauru is part of the Micronesian sub-region and is the second smallest state by population in the world behind the Vatican City.)

Conditions out here finally seem to have calmed down a bit and the winds look like they might start blowing in our favour soon. We’ve had some very tough night stints. The howling winds mean that you can’t talk to each other so shifts are pretty boring, and in the dark you just don’t see the waves coming. I don’t think anybody quite realised how cold it would get at night. We have been pretty much glued to our foul weathers – in fact I’m out of mine today for the first time in over a week! Just in case anybody thought we were cruising across the Pacific in our bemuda shorts!

Bossing the cargo and oil tankers around on vhf has probably been the most entertaining thing so far. they all seem quite confused by the situation when they are told to alter their course by 10 degrees by a 24 foot boat! They have been fairly easy to deal with so far (we managed to get one of them to give us a blow of the horn yesterday)  but its important to stay alert. We had to deploy sea anchor for a few hours yesterday afternoon because the US Navy and US Coastguard were having firing practice. Chris was instructing an army reconaissance plane overhead in order to find our position so they could keep track! Fortunately they didn’t keep us too long and we were back under way by mid afternoon.

Hope everyone is doing well back home. Keep sending the brain teasers and quotes!

Conditions are incredibly tough and the guys need your messages of support and encouragement to keep them going. Please send them to

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