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NOMAN and The Sea: 28/06

28 Jun 2014

I’m currently sitting in a swelteringly hot cabin with all 104kg of Jack sitting on my feet as he prepares yet another Macaroni and Cheese meal. Possibly my least favourite meal on this planet but luckily we have enough for one a day for 50 days….

We have now entered our 3rd week and it feels like we may be finally settling down into some sort of rhythm.We are aiming directly for Hawaii so I guess we are on the home stretch. Although in this race the home stretch is around 1700 miles.

Each day our hands get a little more blistered, our stomachs decrease in size (definitely a good things looking at some of the pre departure photos) but the worse thing by far is the pain in our backsides. Spending pretty much 24 hours a day either sitting or lying on them, they are now  not in the best of conditions. Myself and Nick are on a constant stream of painkillers just to get through the days.

Other than that we are all in pretty good sprits and getting along famously despite the cramp and uncomfortable conditions. Its such a boost to have the boat moving across the GPS screen in the right direction and hopefully soon enough we will be in the trade winds (which everyone talks about but so far they have remained a myth) so that we can make our flights and not overstay our VISAs and get deported!

Big love to everyone back home and thank you for all the messages of support.


NOMAN crew



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