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NOMAN and The Sea: 27/07

27 Jul 2014

The cabin is so unbearably hot we can’t be in it any longer than necessary. There has been some fierce winds in the last few days and so we have not even been able to have the ‘windows’ open – as a result we have been wilting like sweaty flowers in a greenhouse!

Everything is aching now with the bottom sores paling into just another ache and pain.

We have also been having a nightly drop in session with the local flying fish. They are attracted to the lights and scatter the deck so much so we have to pick them off once it becomes light. Last night there were fewer visitors which we’ve put down to larger fish following the boat and eating the little ones!

Inevitably our thoughts are turning to what we want to do when we get to land.

Walking will certainly be a novelty, but being on something not surrounded by water and rocking will be perfect.

A cold drink and cold water makes us salivate just thinking about it.

The thought of having a scrub and wash in a running shower whether that be hot or cold ,just as long as it is running makes us feel clean just thinking about it. Then we remember that we are absolutely not clean.

A shave is also top of the agenda, Nick may lose his face to hair if he doesn’t remove it.

Having slept with legs on chests, and faces closer to each other than we will care to remember, a bed and a proper nights sleep not entwined with each other will be beyond a joy. Preferably with air con but we wouldn’t want to be fussy!

Of course the moment we see those waiting for us as we get off the boat and calling loved ones and seeing them at airports will be special for so many reasons, but it will signify that we will have successfully made it through the highs and the lows to get across the Pacific Ocean not only for ourselves, but also for an amazing cause.



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