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NOMAN and The Sea: 27/06

27 Jun 2014

Rachel (Chris’ other half), received a surprise phone call from the NOMEN. Here’s the latest news of life onboard Isabel:

In summary – Very cold, very wet, hard work and lonely.

The nights are the worst – they can’t hear themselves speak because of the wind and the constant waves breaking over them means they are never dry. Yesterday Mark and Chris felt like they were having an ‘enjoyable’ shift with less layers in the sun, that was until a breaking wave covered them moments before they ended their shift. Everything in the cabin is as wet as they are, and the winds are still not in the right direction for them. This means that instead of being pushed along as the waves break they are in fact being moved sideways.

Thankfully the weather does look to be improving so hopefully they can start drying off.

Naturally the rowing is hard work  but the worst is its monotony, especially at night. As you can imagine rowing 2 hours on, 2 hours off constantly for 24 hours straight is boring – they have been doing it for 16 days and aren’t even half way yet!

By far the worst issue that they have are their backsides! They are all having to take various painkillers to even be able to sit down – they are blistered, raw and the dampness inside their multiple layers is not helping matters! They have never felt discomfort like it.

When I asked Chris if they had all been losing lots of weight is reply was interesting –“ I think the others are but I like the food so much I am eating loads!” That’s Chris for you!

As a whole the boat is in high spirits and are very positive all round which is great – unsurprisingly they are now fully focused on getting to Hawaii – little do they know I will be there to greet them ! (I feel sick with excitement just thinking about it!) (Ed: Note to readers, please keep this a surprise and refrain from telling the NOMEN in your next email!)

He was far more interested in what was going on at home – think they all need something else to think about as the boredom begins to set in, seeing only water can’t be particularly scintillating!

It was clear that message of encouragements, updates of home and of course the World Cup are keeping them sane and they look forward to them every day so please keep sending them through – the funnier the better!

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