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NOMAN and The Sea: 24/06

24 Jun 2014


Not a huge amount to update you on surprisingly…we eat, sleep and row! You could not be more wrong about the is so so cold during the nights and the spray from the waves and lack of dry clothing means we are in our foul weather gear 24 hours a day. In fact I have been wearing 5 layers non-stop for the past 5/6 days…and smell pretty unpleasant as a result!

Unfortunately those strong winds in the first few days soaked all our clothes and we are only just starting to clean them slowly and try to get them dry.

I am sure you can see on the yellow brick tracker that we are now heading almost directly for Hawaii. Hopefully we will catch the trade winds in the next couple of days and start making some really good speeds. Everything on the boat is fine though, the hardest parts by far are the nights because of the cold, the spray and the darkness – they are actually really miserable!

The days are good though. We just eat and nap… It’s a bit of a shame we can’t sit out on deck or anything so we are normally stuck in the hot cabin to avoid waves breaking over us and getting all the electronics wet. We are already looking forward to a nice big meal when we get home, however at the moment the packet food is surprisingly good – I am sure I won’t be saying that in 30 days time. We had a few issues with the boat’s steering which broke over night but have managed to fix it…otherwise nothing much else to say!

Thankfully I’m not really sea sick at all anymore – I can even write this email in a pretty hot and stuffy cabin with Mark snoring next to me, so have obviously got used to it pretty quick!

Missing everyone back home lots of love to all


NOMAN crew



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