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NOMAN and The Sea: 18/07

18 Jul 2014

Little update from us … our bums are still pretty sore but not getting any worse.

Everyone is in absolutely brilliant spirits as we near the finish line and we are slowly counting down the time. We are all suffering from pure exhaustion where we had about 36 hours that was quite slow and we struggled to get any power down but think its expected having been here for 30 days now. You will be glad to hear that the sun is out most of the day now, and we are getting lovely and brown all over. We’ve even taken to rowing in just t-shirt and shorts at night (depending on the waves) which is such a wanted break from the wet weather gear and layer upon layer.

We now however have another issue – the pure heat. The rest periods are a real issue as the cabin is just unbearably hot, either we don’t sleep or wake up in a puddle of sweat… (Ed: probably the one day in the calendar that those of us in London can sympathise with people suffering from the heat….).

The seats are still pretty buggered, but sometimes they can work (when they fancy!) Wheels aren’t doing very much, just sliding on the runners which makes it extremely hard on the old hamstrings!

We can’t express how much the support is keeping us pulling through every day and keeping all of us going, and it is great to be getting so many messages. We have had such a range, from people being funny or just trying to be funny, but please keep them coming until the end point – so close yet so far!

Love to all missing friends and family as always.

Please carry on emailing your messages of support through to the NOMEN at



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