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NOMAN and The Sea: 18/06

18 Jun 2014

I am currently lying in the stern cabin of Isabel watching Chris and Mark row away on a sunny day somewhere west of Los Angeles. We are slowly adapting to life at sea but it is hard to comprehend how hard everything has suddenly become. The first few days have been crazy before it has finally settled down a bit today allowing me a bit of time to send you all an update.

Unfortunately we have had to spend some time on our sea anchor due to the conditions however these have become more favourable in the last 24 hours and are forecast to stay calm for the next 3-4 days at least. We all felt a bit miserable and frustrated when we were forced onto anchor during those first days but are feeling much more positive now that we are making positive progress. we’re trying to stay focused on ourselves and not think about the other boats. It was disappointing that all the crews could not have left Monterey at the same time. Having got to know everybody in the build up we all really hope that everybody gets away and makes it to Hawaii. We even hope to be able to have a drink with or or two of them at the end if our arrivals coincide.

Our focus for the next few days is to start making progress west again having been restricted to southerly progress only so far. The crew are all in good health. We have had one small set back with our rudder as the shackle connecting the steering line to the rudder has come off. Nick has done a pretty tidy DIY repair job on it for now using his knot expertise and a few cable ties and we are just keeping our fingers crossed that it holds. Missing everybody back home. Will hope to update again soon.


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