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NOMAN and The Sea: 11/07

11 Jul 2014

Chris again! Quick update for you as I have just had a wash and as I air dry in the cabin Mark does not have the best view in the world!!

Normally a blog from me would consist of jokes, puns, metaphors, making the reader laugh, cry, and become truly involved in the emotional journey. However today is not going to produce such great reading.

We passed the half way point in terms of distance last night at around 4am. Not much of a celebration ensued as we were all too tired and it dawned on us that we have at least 1050 miles still to go. However we did all enjoy our Raspberry crumble desert from Mountain House that little bit more – they really do produce delicious meals anytime, anywhere (I’m hoping if I mention them enough I will get some free meals from them as I’m not really the best cook in the world.)

Life is all still pretty much the same on the boat. We are currently getting through at least 50 miles a day and we are hoping of reaching Hawaii in about 20 days time…we certainly are counting them down so we can get our order of Dominos pizza in to the race organisers so they are waiting for us as we step off the boat (again more product placement).

We have had the dipleasure of finding out that around half our snack packs that were stored away in supposedly water tight cabins have been ruined by the sea water and so that is the little perks of our day ruined..very sad times!

Anyway, we hope you are enjoying following us online and please remember to donate generously to make this challenge worthwhile!!

Love from Chris and the rest of team NOMAN.



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