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NOMAN and The Sea: 03/07

3 Jul 2014

NOMAN Mark Gleeson will not be competing in the Henley Regatta for the first time in years due to being somewhat occupied by his current endeavours in the Pacific… Here’s a message he sent to his Dad this week:

Dad, I am currently right in the middle of the Pacific ocean, and trust me it feels even bigger than you think when you are in it! For the first time in years I am not competing at Henley.  At this moment in time I am debating what is easier, white stakes either side of me, my opponent next to me and waiting for the umpires flag to drop, knowing the torture I am about to inflict upon myself; or sat here knowing I have over 1400miles of open ocean left to traverse, fighting off huge waves, hunger, and sore bums and living in a world less than 24ft in length.

I know which I would take every time. So next year I am coming back fitter and stronger than ever to the regatta!  Watch out Henley!

But please do not let our  sacrifice be in vain! The reason we are putting ourselves through this hell is to raise awareness about HPV related cancers. HPV is the cause of 5% of cancers worldwide which is huge! Currently there is a vaccine to prevent the spread of this virus, but the issue is only women get the vaccine.  We want to see universal vaccination for girls and boys so that finally we can end 5% of cancer, something so massive yet it is so obtainable!

To find out more go to and follow our link. Please, please, please, any donation, small or large, will go a long way to making an HPV cancer free future possible.  The tides are turning and change is coming, the BMA recently unanimously voted to encourage universal vaccination.

Together we can end HPV related Cancer!


NOMAN crew



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