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LAND HO! NOMAN arrive in Hawaii

30 Jul 2014

Following 50 days at sea and 3100km of the Great Pacific Race, NOMAN have crossed the finish line in Hawaii, in the process breaking the world record* as the youngest crew to ever cross the distance and achieve this incredible feat.

More news will follow once the boys dock and they have a chance to catch their breath, but please join us in congratulating them on this wonderful achievement. This is a fantastic achievement not just on a personal level, but also in terms of furthering our cause and spreading the word around HPV and the need for gender neutral vaccination.

Please note the cover photo was from before the NOMEN left for California – their beards are a little bushier now! We’ll be uploading photos and videos just as soon as we receive them so make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter. Equally you can post messages of congratulations on either of those platforms or in the comments section below which we will pass onto the NOMEN!

*subject to confirmation by the Guinness Book of World Records




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