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Isabel’s Departure

15 Apr 2014

So one of the big milestones came on Friday, Isabel’s departure to the USA, exciting times!!

We had planned to leave home (Bath) at 5am so I had set my alarm for 4.30 the night before, which I was not to happy about. Rising to the sounds of Taylor Swift got my day going the right way though and I managed to grab a bowl of cereal before dad stumbled down with 5 minutes to spare.

I was on first shift driving down to meet Isabel at Bewl Water where we had been training for over a month. Luckily the roads were clear and we made good time along the M4 with a mixture of the radio and dads snoring keeping me awake. My usual driving game of how long can I keep at the same speed was made slightly easier by the cruise control on dads car, safe to say by junction 5 of the M25 I’d set myself a record I would struggle to beat when back in the focus.

We hitched up a very clean looking Isabel (thanks Jack and Mark) and headed off to Burnham-on-Crouch on the other side of Essex. Dad had taken over the driving responsibilities and had left me to nervously look behind as I contemplated if I had tied down the extra oars Chris Martin had given us.

We arrived safely in Burnham, oars and all, and found the shipping unit on the industrial estate. Shortly after a 40ft container arrived and parked up alongside. The guys from Greenwich Meridian shipping were great and very handy at getting the boat up the ramp and into the container before taking it off the trailer with some pulleys. A good deal of tires were then put onto the floor which Isabel was duly lashed onto.

Back in the driving seat after some fish and chips it was back to bath around the top of the M25 this time. Having completed a full circuit of the M25 that day we had missed nearly all the traffic that seems to be complained about on a regular basis, however some clever navigation work got us around a bit of a queue at the M4 junction.

We got home at 5.30 with just over a 12 hour day completed but very happy that Isabel was now on her way to be shortly followed by us next month.


p.s anyones nerves starting to jangle?



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