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GPR Training Diary #1

20 Mar 2014

Wednesday was the toughest training we have done so far in preparation for June’s big event. We covered around 50km of Bewl water in around 6 hours between three Nomen. Rowing into the wind was incredibly difficult. Each stroke felt like you were trying to lift a small car and it gave us a real wake up call before taking on the Pacific. Trying to steer a course was also very difficult. It felt like the elements were purposefully trying to make it difficult for us.

On a more positive note we are definitely getting familiar with the boat having now clocked up around 25 hours rowing and the changeovers between shifts are becoming slightly easier. We are slowly getting to grips with the equipment onboard although we will not be able to fully test the watermaker and GPS until we are out on the high seas.

Back on land, we are keeping the strength and fitness ticking over with runs, sessions on the rowing machine and strength and core training. The latter is crucial in order to prevent injuries which would be disastrous once the race has begun

Hope you are enjoying the images of us training. Don’t forget to check out how the Giro team are getting on with their training. Tristan has been training with the Argentinian military!


NOMAN 2014 Crew Member



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