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66 days to go…and lots still to do

26 Mar 2014

It is unbelievable the amount of thought and preparation that goes into rowing an ocean. When we were first setting out, about 14 months ago, it is something we heard a lot from people who had done similar crossings of the Atlantic Ocean. They said to us that in order to make the project a real success you must allow every aspect of it to take over your life: the training, the fundraising, the preparation. Each of these could be subdivided into several further categories, which if any were to fail could mark the end of the line.

The training is crucial and relentless. However it is important to guard against overtraining just as much as it is against undertraining.  If there are any weaknesses, any aspect of training that you have neglected in the months building up to the challenge, then 2400 miles of unforgiving Pacific Ocean is bound to find you out.

Attention to detail must be given to anything and everything onboard our 24-foot vessel. We prepare ourselves by spending hundreds of hours in the gym and on the water. We must dedicate the same level of preparation to the boat and the equipment that is taken onboard. Learning how to use, maintain and repair equipment is just as important as preparing ourselves mentally and physically for the row.

In the buildup to the race I am going to start looking at the different things we will need to take with us for a 40 day row across the Pacific. Check back soon to follow our progress.


NOMAN 2014 Crew Member

P.S Good luck to the all the other crews preparing for the Great Pacific Race. See you in a couple of months.



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