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NOMAN raises awareness and funds to fight the HPV-related cancer epidemic in men and women, while challenging participants to extreme endurance races across the world. Our inaugural NOMAN campaign was entirely funded by the generosity of one of our patrons, meaning that 100% of the revenue from our 2013 donations went directly towards eliminating the burden of HPV-related cancers.

NOMAN is an Island and its parent, The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation, work with doctors, industry leaders, governments, non-profit think tanks, patients and supporters like you to explore creative approaches that lead to the most efficient possible path of eliminating HPV and the devastation it causes. Here are some examples of innovative platforms we have been working since 2013:

New HPV Action report launched at Parliamentary Event. Delay in decision puts 400,000 lives at risk every year (September 2015, report updated February 2016)

The 41 organisations of HPV Action, MPs and Members of the House of Lords, took its concerns over delays in decision-making about the future of the HPV vaccination programme, to Parliament. Our new report, ‘Jabs for the Boys: The Case for gender-neutral vaccination‘ has gained tremendous support by over 100 experts in the field including Nobel Prize winner Harald zur Hausen, who discovered the link between HPV and cervical cancer.  The report indicates as to how including boys would improve public health, tackle health inequalities and be cost-effective. Every year of delay leaves almost 400,000 boys unvaccinated and therefore left at risk from HPV-related diseases, which include anal, penile, oral, head and neck cancers alongside genital warts.

Grahame Morris MP Vice Chair, All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Cancer, Baroness Gould of Potternewton Chair, APPG on Sexual and Reproductive Health in the UK, and Sir Paul Beresford MP Chair, APPG on Dentistry, supported the meeting in Parliament to discuss how faster progress can be made.

Redefining Treatment: Funding Research at MD Anderson Cancer Center (June 2015)

The treatment for anal cancer has barely changed in 40 years. Immunotherapy is an emerging field of cancer treatment, in which the body’s immune system is harnessed to fight cancer cells. With the help of our donors, we supported groundbreaking anal cancer treatment research at MD Anderson Cancer Center. This immunotherapy clinical trial, led by Dr. Cathy Eng, is the first of its kind for metastatic anal cancer,and seeks to find new treatment options. The number of scientific studies funded by the Foundation seeking a cure continues to grow thanks to your help.

Sponsoring HPV Symposium into Key Issues in HPV Prevention and Early Diagnosis (April 2015)

The Foundation were one of the lead sponsors for this symposium at the Royal Society for Public Health aimed at clinicians, epidemiologists, scientists, public health specialists, patient organisations and others with a special interest in HPV and who are opinion leaders in this field. The event identified recommendations for action in research, policy and practice and to inform discussion among a wide range of very relevant and influential people. You can read the report here.

The symposium was supported by amongst others, John Baron MP (Chair of APPG on Cancer), Margaret Stanley (Emeritus Professor of Epithelial Biology and Fellow of Christ’s College, University of Cambridge), Chris Bentley (Independent Population Health Consultant), Peter Greenhouse (Consultant in Sexual Health, Bristol and Weston).

Submitted Testimony to the JCVI in the UK (Jan 2015)

On 7th January, we submitted a testimony to the UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) in response to the Committee’s interim position statement and recommendation to offer the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to men who have sex with men (MSM) aged 16-40 at GUM (sexual health clinics) and HIV clinics. The JCVI is a government body that advises UK health departments on immunisation practices. Our testimony expressed the iniquity at expecting women to shoulder responsibility for controlling the spread of HPV, and urged the JCVI to strive for health equity by protecting both men and women against the devastating effects of HPV infection by providing equal access to the vaccine for both boys and girls at the same age.

Key voices added to the call for gender neutral vaccination (November 2014)

In the past 12 months, HPV Action has grown it’s membership by 50%. As the UK government review how to expand the HPV vaccination programme, the work of HPV Action and its members is crucial in influencing this debate. Leading parliamentarians have also backed the call to extend the HPV vaccine to boys, including:

  • John Baron, MP and chair, All Party Parliamentary Group on Cancer
  • Paul Beresford, MP and chair, All Party Parliamentary Group on Dentistry,
  • Joyce Gould, chair, All Party Parliamentary Group on Sexual and Reproductive Health in the UK
  • Kamlesh Patel, chair, All Party Parliamentary Group on Men’s Health
  • Pamela Nash, MP and chair, All Party Parliamentary Group on HIV and AIDS
  • Mike Freer, MP

$1.2 million Research Initiative with Stand Up To Cancer and the Farrah Fawcett Foundation (April 2014)

We are thrilled to announce that we are collaborating with Stand Up To Cancer and the Farrah Fawcett Foundation in a $1.2 million initiative that will fund a research project that can deliver near-term benefit to patients with HPV-related cancers. We are excited to work with other organizations who share our urgency to accelerate the creation of new treatments that can benefit millions of people who suffer from HPV-related disease every year.

Steps to Curing 5% of Cancer (Jan 2014)

To enable us to accelerate drug discovery for 5% of cancer, we first must create essential research building blocks that should, but do not currently exist. We are developing a prize to financially incentivize scientists to develop one such tool: HPV-related anal cancer cells that grow indefinitely in the lab. Together with HPV-related oral and cervical lines, we’ll be able to more easily identify compounds that improve treatments and ultimately find a cure for 5% of cancer. More coming soon!

Ending the Isolation for Thrivers Affected by Anal Cancer (December 2013)

We have launched a free service to connect patients and caregivers facing the challenges brought on by anal cancer, with an experienced mentor who has undertaken the same journey. Mentors can provide peers with guidance and experiential knowledge and by discussing experiences that are unique to anal cancer and anal cancer treatments, can offer participants comfort, support, and insight.  The program is available to both thrivers (our word for survivors) and caregivers. You can register for the Peer to Peer support programme on this page.

IANS: First Ever Medical Society and Inaugural Conference Dedicated to the Disease (Nov 2013)

Thanks to a seed grant provided by the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation, over 160 scientists and clinicians from 15 different countries convened in San Francisco last November in the first ever medical forum that focused on anal cancer. Our Executive Director, Justine Almada, provided a moving welcome address to the delegation and also represented the patient voice at a morning panel.

Connecting Thrivers from Around the World (Nov 2013)

We launched the first in a series of forums dedicated to anal cancer patients and their caregivers. In an event organized with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, over 50 patients and a number of medical experts came to discuss the difficult long-term physical and emotional implications of an anal cancer diagnosis.

HPVAction: Give Boys the Jab in the UK (Oct 2013)

24 UK organizations joined us in our call to vaccinate boys against 5% of cancer in a new coalition called HPVAction – and we are being heard!  We met with members of the government to alert them to the alarming fact that boys are at unnecessary and increasing risk of developing preventable cancers caused by HPV. Following our successful male vaccination campaign in the US, we need your help to do it in the UK!


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