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NOMAN crews under tow

28 Jul 2017

After an incredibly tough night on the oars Teams GS Gives and BA have joined the teams aboard Tradition and TP ICAP in accepting the offer of a tow from the support yacht Rozamar.

After two days and nights of battling the elements and a relentless and unseasonal headwind the rowers had spent all their energy and although the weather is slightly lighter today it certainly couldn’t be considered as favourable. All crews are healthy with only a couple of individuals affected by sea sickness and minor dehydration they are however, exhausted.

The final plans for their arrival are being arranged now and whether the crews take the opportunity to row the length of Ibiza or receive a tow all the way will be finalised a little later.

Finally on the tracker you will have seen that GS Gives is still showing as being behind the others. This is simply because of what we expect is either a malfunctioning tracking unit or that the batteries on the unit require charging. We are working to rectify this as soon as possible.



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