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NOMAN Barcelona – Ibiza race delayed

23 Jul 2017

On Saturday 22/7 a decision was made that due to the sea conditions, the Barcelona – Ibiza ocean rowing race was to be delayed for the safety of our participants

Race Director Chris Martin said:

”Safety of our race entrants is of prime importance to the support team of the NOMAN is an island campaign.

Whilst we can’t control the weather we can choose what the weather will be doing at the time of our departure. Unfortunately the weather in the section of the Mediterranean between Barcelona and Ibiza that is forecast for the predicted three days of racing if the rowers were to leave on Monday morning were far from favourable, subjecting the crews to strong winds gusting over 30 knots during their first night at sea.

However, by delaying the start by just 48 hours the crews will face less aggressive conditions and will reduce the intensity of the risks they are subject to.”



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