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In the Tank: NOMAN’s 2015 Rowing Campaign Begins

21 May 2015

Led by former Olympian and double World Champion, Toby Garbett, the 2015 NOMEN were put through their paces in the tank at London Regatta Centre on Tuesday night.

Rowing tanks mimic the conditions rowers face on open water and rowers sit in fixed positions whilst water moves past them in channels on either side, therefore simulating the experience of rowing a boat through open water. For some of the NOMEN, this was their first experience of rowing so the tank is a great facility to teach basic technique, and muscle conditioning to those newcomers, in addition to honing the skills of those with more experience all within the safe confines of a clubhouse. Next time they’ll be out on the water!

Thanks to Toby for leading the session and Stephanie, Stephen, Adi, Justin, Conor and Tim for their efforts.



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