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NOMAN Training Camp – Mallorca Day Two / Bennie’s In Laws 40th Anniversary

16 May 2015

Day two in the Balearics and 10 degrees cooler we headed straight for Sa Calobra, a famous category 1 climb on the island, known for its coiled snake like roads draped across the face of the mountain ascending from the sea to peak at 682m over 9.5kms with an average gradient of 7%.

With an hours ride and 600 metres of climbing between us and Sa Calobra, Tristan set the tone early on fatigued and bruised legs and led Ben up the winding climbs of the Sierra de Tramuntana Mountains to start of Sa Calobra. Part of the massive draw to this particular climb for cyclists is not only because of its steep winding roads and distance but the fact that you must descend the mountain first before you climb it and that once you are in its grips the only way out is the way you came in, there is no other way out, it’s the sea or the mountain and with the narrow roads, unclipping and walking the bike up is not an option. Roach motel!

We made the decent into the depths of the mountain (footage to follow) in one piece with only one close call with Bennie getting a little distracted and veering into a minivan, narrowly avoided due to his ninja-like reflexes. Before we embarked on the climb our Team Pro – Liam Holohan from Madison Genesis – suggested 2 x 12 minute maximum effort sprints up the mountain…thanks a bunch, Liam! Ben won both sprints of death, as per usual.

We then got our nerd on and broke the mountain down into sectors and targeted our power (watts), heart rate and speed to specific goals in each sector, basically we tried to get up the mountain as quick as possible without our chests exploding. TA again lead the charge up the mountain like a man possessed and released Bennie into the final 1.5km’s to take the glory at 45:21 minutes.

We scurried back home after climbing a total of 2027 metres over 74Km’s, home in time for Bennie to indulge in his favourite holiday past-time of grocery shopping in foreign countries, while TA flared his latin roots in the kitchen with some spicy pechugas and rice. Then he showed off his NYC roots and his total nerd roots. Photo says it all.

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 23.46.13_web



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