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NOMAN Training Camp – Mallorca Day One / Bennie’s In Laws 40th Anniversary

15 May 2015

Mallorca NOMAN Training Camp / Bennie’s In-laws 40th wedding anniversary holiday…

After a midnight flight into Mallorca armed to the teeth with every possible powder, ointment and tool imaginable (thank you Spanish customs for your less than rigorous screening program) we quickly made our way to Bennie’s In-laws at Es Camp de Mar, unloaded and hit the sack only to be up 6 hours later for our first full day of training.

NOMEN are prepared Men


7am wake up call to unpack the horrible mess we had created and put our hardened city-dwelling hands to work assembling the mélange of bike parts which in no way resembled what had been packed the night before.

With the minimum of fuss and curse words it was suddenly 11:30am and we were finally ready to tackle the biggest climbs in Mallorca (of which it has two Category 1 climbs amongst other smaller categorised climbs). This type of training is essential as it is about as close as we can get to GIRO-type conditions

Eager to get to the top, we opted to leave the warm up as that is for other people as the midday heat had already reached 30C (84F) so we launched ourselves from the bottom of Coll de sa Batalla, a gentle 7.9KM, 5% climb.

We quickly weaved our way through the 30 minute climb which was broken up nicely by Tristan tackling the tarmac into a tight turn at 32km/h and coming off second best.


Brushing ourselves off we quickly made it to our destination, Puig Major, a 13.9KM 5.7% behemoth in what had now become 40C degrees heat!! An hour later and having passed 10 riders (including numerous who gave up and unclipped, walking their bikes the rest of the way) and nearly passing out ourselves due to the dehydration/maximal effort/brutal climb/torchfest, we made it to the summit in 1 hour 3 minutes—about the length of the longest climb on the GIRO!

What was left of TA after the big climb… IMG_1919

Looking at our heart rate data for day one, we spent almost 2 hours in Z4 THRESHOLD (it feels terrible!)… today we have the famous Sa Colabra, which we are going to tackle today…twice.


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