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It’s almost here…

5 Jun 2014

Passport – check. Kit – check. Money…

Tomorrow afternoon Team NOMAN will convene in the small town of Caprile amidst the awe inspiring Italian Dolomites ahead of the Trois Etapes Giro.

The hours have been put in the gym, the early mornings tearing around Richmond Park, eating healthily, cutting down on the lagers – it all comes down to 3 days in Northern Italy.

The weather is looking incredibly promising – a far cry from the flurries of snow that pelted Nairo Quintana et al during the professional GIRO just a week ago, and the to be expected general misery of an English Spring*. The expected highs of 26 degrees almost seem so good to be true so keeping hydrated will be essential to good performance.

(*blue skies in London today – good omen?)

So how will Team NOMAN fare? Well put it this way, we’re in it to win it.

Over the next few days we’ll keep you updated on here via Team NOMAN’s Dolomite Diaries and be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook as we provide updates on the ground.

Forza NOMAN!

Just nipping to the post office to pick up those euros….



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