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NOMAN at the Tour of Wessex

29 May 2015

The NOMEN test their legs in the West Country.

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NOMAN Training Camp – Mallorca Day Two / Bennie’s In Laws 40th Anniversary

16 May 2015

We made the decent into the depths of the mountain (footage to follow) in one piece with only one close call with Bennie getting a little distracted and veering into a minivan, narrowly avoided due to his ninja-like reflexes. Before we embarked on the climb our Team Pro – Liam Holohan from Madison Genesis – suggested 2 x 12 minute maximum effort sprints up the mountain…thanks a bunch, Liam!

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NOMAN Training Camp – Mallorca Day One / Bennie’s In Laws 40th Anniversary

15 May 2015

After a midnight flight into Mallorca armed to the teeth with every possible powder, ointment and tool imaginable (thank you Spanish customs for your less than rigorous screening program) we quickly made our way to Bennie’s In-laws at Es Camp de Mar, unloaded and....

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James Hamm’s Jams: NOMAN Extreme Playlist

11 May 2015

Get into the 'zone' for your next gym trip, NOMAN style.

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It’s almost here…

5 Jun 2014

The NOMEN depart for Italy tomorrow morning

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Ditchling Beacon – a proper climb!

17 May 2014

Cycling up Ditchling Beacon, which reaches a >12% incline at parts and seems to last forever, gave me a real taste of what’s to come in the Dolomites on June 7. My heart rate exploded to near max and I counted four times that I seriously contemplated unclipping...!

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Tristan’s Training Diary Day 3 – Part 2

6 Mar 2014

I thanked Jorge one more time, he smiled and said: “Lo unico que quiero es que vuelvas.” {The only thing I want is that you return}. And return I will… NOMAN Pantagonia, anyone?

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Tristan’s Training Diary Day 3 – Part 1

5 Mar 2014

Cuaranta asked me: “Estas Listo?” (Are you ready?). No, I wasn’t. But not wanting to keep Argentineans sporting machine guns waiting, I changed into my cycling gear and hurriedly applied SPF30 sun cream to my white, winter skin. My escort Diego took me to the Parque, where they store weapons, ammunition, and mountain bikes. And there I met Hugo, my trainer for the day.

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Tristan’s Training Diary Day 1

28 Feb 2014

HOW I ENDED UP IN A MILITARY FACILITY IN ARGENTINA TO TRAIN FOR THE GIRO. I arrived at Buenos Aires, where my father was born, for a cousin’s wedding...

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