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Year In Review: 2018

31 Dec 2018

We started the NOMAN campaign with the aim of 100% universal vaccination against HPV, the causal agent of 5% of all cancers. Now, from 0 countries in 2010, more than 30 countries support Gender-Neutral Vaccination, including the U.K. When we told you our goal was to be so successful that we put ourselves out of business, we meant it. Thank you for believing in us!


UK: 400,000 Boys Per Year To Be Protected Against Cancer

On July 24, 2018, in a ground-breaking victory for NOMAN, the HPV vaccine was approved for boys aged 12-13 in England, following 5 years of coalition-building and steadfast campaigning. This is what it took to get there:


  • 7 NOMAN gruelling endurance events including the first ever Barcelona–Ibiza ocean rowing races.
  • 51 member organizations with an interest in cancer and public health recruited to join the HPV Action advocacy campaign (NOMAN was a seed funder)
  • 3 parliamentary debates advocating for the extension of the HPV vaccine program to include boys.
  • The first ever multi-disciplinary symposium in the UK specifically on prevention and early diagnosis of HPV.
  • Over 150 individual pieces of press coverage, including a live BBC interview with the Founder of the campaign


Former Vice President Joe Biden Honors Foundation


In September, co-founders Justine, Tristan, and Camille Almada travelled to D.C. to receive the inaugural Biden Cancer Initiative FIERCE award for Exemplary Leadership. From over 700 nominees, the siblings were the sole recipients of the LEAP award and were able to speak one-on-one with former Vice President Joe Biden about their ambitious goals to rid the world of HPV. The Biden Cancer Initiative acknowledged the Almadas for fundamentally improving the cancer experience for patients with by creating education, awareness, and research initiatives. Increased HPV vaccination emerged from the conference as the primary focus for cancer prevention in the coming years.



We have no plans of stopping now—not until we paint the entire map in NOMAN ochre yellow. Our immediate activities, for which we require your
continued support, involve a new pan-European initiative dedicated to fight against HPV-related cancers and secure gender neutral HPV vaccination
across the continent.




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