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More than a race. BMA vote to support the call for universal vaccination in the UK

24 Jun 2014

Jack, Mark, Chris and Nick are out on the Pacific, in the biggest, baddest endurance race on the planet, but they are there to raise awareness of HPV. As we know NOMAN is not just a race, it is also a call to action, and the campaign calls to extend vaccination to all boys as well as girls in the UK.

The 23rd June marked an important milestone for the campaign, when the British Medical Association (BMA) voted almost unanimously to support the call for gender neutral vaccination in the UK.

The HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation, NOMAN and HPVAction have been working tirelessly to gain momentum and support in vaccinating boys and the decision by the BMA to support this policy change is an incredible achievement and shows that the medical community are in agreement with over 30 professional and patient organisations. BMA public health medicine committee co-chair Penelope Toff has called on doctors to send a clear message in favour of including boys in the vaccination programme.

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