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Germany the latest nation set to vaccinate boys against HPV

23 Apr 2018

Germany is the latest country to announce that they will vaccinate boys against HPV, meaning there will soon be 20 countries undertaking gender neutral HPV vaccination programmes (that is vaccinating both boys and girls against HPV).

countries vaccinating boys against HPV NOMAN

The UK is being left behind. The JCVI began its modelling work in 2013 as to whether boys should be included in the programme. Nearly 5 years on they are still deliberating on this.

Every year we wait, 400,000 more boys are left at risk of HPV-related cancers.

Thanks to the work of our partners within HPV Action and the Mail on Sunday picking up on the campaign, more people are becoming aware of the need to protect their sons as well as their daughters against HPV. But there is still work to be done.

If you are reading about HPV for the first time you can get the facts about the virus here.


The most effective step you can take at this stage is to write to your MP in support of gender-neutral vaccination. Explain that it is not fair to not protect boys against a virus that affects both genders.




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