We aim to eradicate all forms of HPV-related cancer.

The 2014 NOMEN are currently testing the limits of their endurance and facing a challenge never before completed by a four man crew – to row the New Ocean Waves 2100 mile Great Pacific Race from California to Hawaii.

Team NOMAN led stages 1 and 2 of the Trois Etapes Giro pro-am and came in second after being defeated by just 13 seconds. Check out the the stage reports, videos and photos on the microsite.




Our inaugural event pitted two teams of 5 amateur ocean rowers against each other to race across the Mediterranean from Barcelona to Ibiza. The route was 200 miles and the journey took 3 days.


Think you’ve got what it takes to be a NOMAN? Step forward.


We have a plan to eliminate 5% of cancers

NOMAN is an Island and the HPV and Anal Cancer Foundation work with doctors, industry leaders, governments, non-profit think tanks, patients and supporters like you to explore creative approaches that lead to the most efficient possible path of eliminating HPV and the devastation it causes.

Our Role & Impact

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and Men

Human Papillomavirus is a highly contagious virus that lives on the skin: it is estimated that 80% of the population will have an HPV infection at some point in their lifetime. HPV causes 5% of cancer and rates of HPV-related cancer are increasing, dramatically so in men.

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And help ensure universal vaccination for boys and girls.

This petition has been organised by, a partnership of 26 patient and professional organisations that all believe both boys and girls should be vaccinated. By adding your name, you can help us end 5% of cancer.

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Noman is an island

NOMAN is more than a race, it is a call to action.

NOMAN aims to raise awareness about the HPV-related cancer epidemic in men and women, campaign for universal HPV vaccination, while challenging participants to extreme endurance races across the world.

Latest News

Britons ‘make history with 50-day record Pacific crossing in rowing boat’


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LAND HO! NOMAN arrive in Hawaii

30 Jul 2014

3100km and 50 days later - the NOMEN have made it to Hawaii!

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Vaccinate boys as well as girls against HPV: it works, and it may be cost effective

the BMJ (British Medical Journal)

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Boys ‘should receive HPV jab too’

The Guardian

Vaccinating boys as well as girls could cut incidence of genital warts and several cancers, write doctors in medical journal

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